giovedì 26 maggio 2011

Life is precious

"Life is too precious to make anything less than the best out of it"

 I'm pretty sure you have just heard the story of the video. But it's the first time I see the video and I really love this story cause it gives me two important messages. 

The first one is to take care and appreciate everything you have cause there is always a reason to think positive also if you don't see it and somethimes simple think just as see the season changing are great miracle for some others.
The second one is the power of right words. You can say good things but if you are not able to put it in a good way you wouldn't obtain nothing, otherwise you can say thing that are difficult to face and that could hurt someone but if you say it in a good way, taking care to not hurt but only be onest...well it makes the difference.

I'm not sure to be completly able to do this two musts. Somethimes I forget how lucky I am and let the present become past without giving the moment the true value it has. I just wanna improve to love every single minute...cause time it's the best gift we have and we mustn't let it flow away.
About what I say...well I have had a lots of courses about communication and I'm aware of all the principle. I try my best to use right words but I'm not sure it always work...somethimes perhaps the menaning of thing it's only to difficult to pronounce....and sometimes you just want to make everything fast and to run away and seek for shelter where your words could be cure with a positive thinking.

Right now I feel I need my shelter to stay on my own and face me and my creativity to find a way to front the world in a good's right you have to find yourself before to find or help someone else.

Best to all the travellers...

PS: today I will see the correction on my past posts (my english teacher help me) so I will rewrite the wrong sentences :)

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