mercoledì 24 agosto 2011

My little paradise :)

Since june I have been thinking about my little sadly empty.
When I arrive back at my house this week I decided that I could be on holiday a bit more if I recreate a little paradise where I can have breakfast and dinner and work at my photos...
So today I went to the garden center I bought a little table, two chairs and a lot of small plants (oleander, daisy, sunflower, pomergrate, gardenia, erika, a little yellow plant and a chinese one so cute)...
Now I have my little paradise and I'm writing here....listening to the neighbour music that it's a tipical quite old italian song (see below) and watching the blue hour passing by...and everything is so...italian late summer nice pace...september it's near and that's my favourite heart is joyfully waiting

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Iro {Ivy style33} ha detto...

Hello Dora!

wonderful to finally put the pieces of the puzzle together. I've been wanting since quite some time to thank you for the photo of the gorgeous door you sent and the fact that you think of me even when you are a quiet reader.

As these days are very busy, some mail work is left behind, so my apologies for that.

Thank you for your comment on the blog's latest post and I'm so glad the notebook quotation made you smile!
Hope you to have a delightful and creative day ahead, finding time for all that is important to you, too!

Many warm regards all the way to you in Italy,